The framed photo shows the gateway to the ancient Christian monastic complex of St. Kevin at Glendalough, Ireland (Jn. 10:9: "I am the Door"). The arches form a Gateless Gate, which is also the name of a famous collection of Zen koans (the Mumonkan). Indeed, the spiritual life (or, rather, life itself) is a gateless gate!

Fr. Michael K. Holleran is a Catholic priest, Sensei (Zen Teacher) and a former Carthusian Monk.

He is a follower and advocate of what his friend, the internationally renowned theologian of interfaith understanding, Prof. Paul Knitter, calls "double belonging".

According to this, we can be rooted in one particular religious tradition, especially by cult and upbringing, but also receive "substantial nourishment" from another tradition.Thus, we not only experience the abundant treasures of the religions of humanity, and thereby further the global civilization that is a mark of our times; but, we also are led to penetrate into aspects of the mysteries of our original tradition that we would never have perceived without this new angle of light's being shed on them.

For example, Michael's teacher, Fr. Robert Jinsen Kennedy, Roshi, was told by his own Japanese teacher, Yamada Roshi: "I am not trying to make you a Buddhist, but to empty you in imitation of your Lord Jesus Christ." (cf. Zen helps us see the dimensions of what that can mean.

Fr. Michael Kevin Holleran

Fr. Michael exercises the function of a parish priest, with administration of the Sacraments, and with special attention to Adult Faith Formation, spiritual direction and preaching.
Featured Homily

Enkindled by the Word, embodying the Word, enlivened and exhilarated by it, transformed into the Word Himself as all are called to be, the liturgical preacher channels, foments and reflects that Life, Fire and Light that are communicated in the Synaxis through Word and Sacrament, the Cosmic Dance of Transformation that envelops and sweeps us up. These 10-12 minute homilies were recorded live, with ambient sound, at the Church of Notre Dame in Morningside Heights, from October 7th, 2012 to the present.

Featured Gregorian Chant

A seamless interweaving and streaming of light and sound, of text and music, a luminous flow of Life in the Spirit that unites every facet of our being, Gregorian chant is an ancient, anonymous expression of the Mystery whose sublimity is unmatched.

Michael Koryu Holleran Sensei
(Koryu as "Dragon of Light")

Sensei Michael runs a weekly Zen meditation group, with an interfaith emphasis.
Featured Teisho

Enkindled by Life, embodying it, exhilarated and enlightened by the intrinsic, organic connection of/to all dimensions of Life in the Splendour of the NOW, our zazen radiates this Mystery. The Teisho, or Dharma Talk, is a means, a reflection, a sharing, of this practice, within the meditation setting. Locales for these teishos vary.

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